My first sculpture

August 16th 2016
In progress in Mahogany hardwood. Click to enlarge.
Species: Swietenia macrophylla x mahagoni


Drawing inspiration from the forest

aug 16th 2016a
Various drawings underway on paper.


Brain to hands

june 2016
Draw and write

The Unraveling

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Details of a drawing in pen and ink on paper

Research Vessel Heraclitus

EEAAO 1 April 2016


Aedes aegypti double Aedes aegypti double by 3t vakil
Aedes aegypti : an innocent mosquito being blamed for ‘head-shrinking‘.

Centro de Bellas Artes Caguas

fusion islena 2015
Fusión Isleña, now showing 3t’s drawtings:
L-R on the wall:
Eye On The Rainforest # 54 “Far Out And Far Away” 4′ x 2.5′ (48″ x 30″) Medium: Acrylic on Canvas ©August 2014 Patillas, Puerto Rico Price: $2,500
Eye On The Rainforest # 55 “Dangerous and Dramatic Cosmos” 4′ x 3′ (48″ x 36″) Medium: Acrylic & Pen on Canvas ©September 2014 Patillas, Puerto Rico Price: $3,000


Living in Puerto Rico

Living in the middle of vast oceans of the biosphere.